Smart Supply Chain

Demand forecasting

Our algorithms predict the price for your product in the upcoming months. The predicted prices have confidence interval, i.e. the real prices will be within in the confidence interval of the predicted price. The predicted prices enable managers and engineers to effectively plan production of products.

Benefits for the organization:

  1. Higher ROI with respect to costs incurred in production
  2. Less resource wastage

Scheduling and planning of production and delivery

After being trained on the company’s policies and practices for scheduling and planning, the algorithm autonomously develops the ability to schedule production plans and reschedule the delivery of the product. The forecasted price, knowledge of costs incurred and understanding the role of various parties involved in the supply-chain process provides the algorithm a foundation to use Internet of Things (IoT) to disseminate instructions to different machines and make them autonomous.

Benefits for the organization:

  1. Select the best time and quantity for production
  2. Maximize profits by knowing the future prices
  3. Smart contracts between different parties thus reducing bureaucratic
  4. procedure.