Big-Data Analytics

Design optimizatIon to reduce CAPEX

We help our clients by leveraging their existing data to optimize their designs
in order to reduce CAPEX. In this multi-step process, we begin with establishing
relationships between different variables in the client’s dataset through our smart data
analytics’ algorithms. Thereafter, we use our team’s domain expertise and knowledge to
discover potential sources for CAPEX optimization. These results are presented to the clients
with intuitive data visualization techniques. The clients’ feedback is imposed as customized
constraints on the algorithms to continuously bring value to the clients over a longer period
of time.

Benefits for the business:

  1. Additional revenue from existing data without any further investment.
  2. Quick feedback on designs allows your engineers and our experts to spend more time in developing innovative solutions to existing problems.
  3. Bonus: The algorithm is continuously developed allowing you to always stay ahead of your competition.


Process optimization to reduce OPAX

In today’s world of digitized data, processes generate megabytes of data
within a second. Our algorithm exploits machine learning techniques for pattern
recognition for different operation regions - inefficient OPAX usage, optimum OPAX usage
and best OPAX sue. Our algorithms learn from these patterns to provide you with the most
efficient operation processes. The algorithms also consider the impact of the changes it
suggests, and uses them as technical constraints to ensure that the changes are
implemented effectively.

Benefits for the business:

  1. Reduced Utilities bill
  2. Higher (euros in production/utilities bills) in revenues
  3. Increased (Productivity)/(total lifecycle cost of an asset) – basically we get
    more euros from a product lifecycle considering its total life cycle


Building intra-organisation dataverse:

The dataverse algorithm mines through your organization data by traversing through data of different teams and departments. Additionally, after your training to the algorithm, the algorithm can look for different causal relationships automatically that you
want to explore. Your training to the algorithm makes it customized for your preferences, style and business Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Besides, it is also used as a business intelligence tool to quickly extract data relevant for your upcoming meetings. Gradually, with feedback from customers, we aim to convert the dataverse into smart contracts using block-chain technology where each department will act as one block.

Benefits for the organization:

  1. Efficient decision making similar to Agile analytics
  2. More time to create ideas and business values rather than mining data
  3. Ready-made foundation for SCRUM management style even in large teams
  4. * Currently, we only provide this service for structured data, but are working towards broadening the application to unstructured data also.